This blog post was inspired and adapted from Dr. Lacy Hunt’s podcast on deflation

The World is grappling with excessive over-indebtedness and it is detracting growth in a significant way!

Every economic problem we have stumbled upon in the last two decades has been prescribed the same remedy: taking on…

Every investor’s objective to ‘maximize profits’ , is a given . However, the unanswered question is , what is the optimum way to achieve that goal ?

There are two possible ways to get there;

1) Buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest price, wonderful if one…

Over the last month the news has been dominated by stories of energy shortages around the world.

China has seen major industrial output cuts caused by power outages over the last year.

European gas prices are trading near record highs and the UK is reeling from the political fallout of…

We took too much for granted, we walked this Earth like kings,

We didn’t see the disaster that our ignorance would bring.

We took the things we wanted, and things we didn’t need,

We didn’t heed the warning; we didn’t stop the greed.

We took too many journeys, no matter…

Eroding Freedoms of Hong Kong citizens

Capitalism in a communist embrace

One hundred and fifty-six years of British colonial rule in Hong Kong terminated in 1997. As vested interests regarding the sovereignty of the region led to tense negotiations between the British Empire and the People’s Republic of China. Thereafter, implementing Paramount Leader Deng Xiaoping’s political…

Raisa Sheikh

A single place that I can call ‘home’ has never existed — the world, and its countless cultures, is where I find solace.

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